Aims & scope

Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research-International Symposium on Cancer Chemotherapy (JFCR-ISCC) is subtitled as "New antitumor agents under development in the United States, Europe, and Japan”, and aims at information exchange/transfer on the latest findings of new molecular-targeted anti-cancer drugs including the related topics. It also aims at stimulation of young investigators in drug discovery in academia, industry and clinical medicine, Japan.
Development of molecular-targeted antitumor agents has become more aggressive with global standards, and thus sharing the latest information among multiple disciplines is critical for effective drug discovery. Even in the recent days with advanced information technology, face-to-face information transfer would be critically useful particularly for sharing various unpublished experiences, which are generally valuable for the investigators. From this point of view, the JFCR-ISCC is annually convened to discuss new antitumor agents under clinical development including the related topics. Attracted audiences are mostly from academia, industry and clinical medicine in Japan.
The JFCR-ISCC is sponsored and operated by Cancer Chemotherapy Center, the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research organizing the Committee with Industrial and International Personal Memberships. It is hoped that the Symposium will both encourage international cooperation and stimulation of investigators in cancer chemotherapy. We are looking forward to seeing you in the Symposium.

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